Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to Whimsy Blues Creative Weekend 

a fun filled inspiring weekend  with three amazing teachers:

 Terri Brush, Kristen Robinson, & Ruth Rae 

 First time located in the Pacific Northwest.

Our host city is Centralia, Washington.

Centralia is located between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon - an hour and half drive from either direction!

And if you don't want to drive, jump on the train, which will drop you off right at our class location! You can’t get any closer than that!

You can arrive by plane, train or automobile!

Our weekend classes will be in the
Common Folk Building  
Located at
Common Folk Building 
125 High Street 
Centralia WA98532 

We will kick off our fun weekend  with an evening 
Soirée on Friday, February 21st, Visit from 5-8 pm 
At Terris Home ! 
Terri Brush 
120 Fir Hollow Dr 
Chehalis WA 98532 
( please sign up for Soiree to attend friday evening )

Our inspiring and creative workshops will be held twice a day on both Saturday, February 22, and on Sunday, February 23.

You have the opportunity to attend a total of 6 classes, 
(3 each day)all of your choosing! 
Both days are scheduled with 3 three hour workshops, with a lunch break in between (so you can rest up and keep on hopping)!

We are all excited to have you join us!

 Terri, Ruth, & Kristen

Questions and Answers..
Q.I would LOVE to find someone to Room with
A. Please email Terri Brush to find a roomie
Q.. can I take just one class or do I need to take all..
A.. you can take or two or as many as you like ! but know once you take one you will wish you took them ALL! LOL
Q... I cannot make it to the soirée will the teachers have Art for sale at the classes?
A..Yes depending on how much sells on Friday Night..
Q.. will there be extra class kits for Purchase ?
A.. we hope to have some available for sale at the classes.. 
Q. I have never done anything like this will I be able to do it ?
A.. YES ! very much so , you don't need to know a thing !
Q.. Is there enough shopping in Centralia to spend the day there playing?
A.. Oh yes ! Centralia is a fabulous Historic old town with LOTS of antique shopping and we have wonderful outlets  !
Q.. Do I pay each Teacher for each class separately? it wont let me check out for a class with Terri and Ruth?
A.. Yes Paypal will only let you check out with each teacher separately.. so if your taking  two classes with Ruth and 1 with Kristen  I can pay for both or Ruth's at one time?
A. YES...
Q. is there much to do between the airport and Centralia !
A.. Oh Boy YES! lots of antiques malls if you come into Portland or Oregon, but I will say Oregon airport is less traffic then Seattle..
Q. I signed up for two classes can I ad a third if I decide to at the classes?
A.. Yes if the teacher has room in that class and a kit you sure can..